Mobile Bundle incl. 100 Capsules Crema Gusto

Your favorite coffee, anytime, anywhere. In the car, in the boat, when camping, in the truck and on the motorcycle. This bundle also includes 100 Crema Gusto capsules.

  • For Martello coffee capsules
  • Fast heating
  • Compact size
  • Suitable for a large cup (80 ml)
  • Easy to use
  • Incl. storage bag

Perfect espresso: 15 bar pump – 80 ml capacity
Fast: Approx. 4 minutes heating time (for 80 ml)
For cars, caravans, boats: 12 volts
Compatible with Martello coffee capsules
Small: 25cm height, 7.5cm width
Lightweight: 0.55kg weight
Simple: 2 button system, self-heating
Easy to clean
Handy, stable, stable, hygienic, does not drip (drip protection)

Contents: 12V device, bag, 100 capsules Crema Gusto

39,99  incl. VAT

Includes 20% VAT
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