Smart Machine

  • Available in black or white
  • 20 bars of pump pressure
  • 1.400W Power
  • 0,75 l fresh water tank
  • Removable drip tray
  • With folding drip grid for large & small cups
  • With automatic switch-off function
  • With programmable cup automation for Espresso and Café Lungo

39,99  incl. VAT

Includes 20% VAT

Please make sure that there is always a coffee capsule inserted into the machine (older models require the green cleaning capsule), otherwise the water will run into the drainer and not through the coffee nozzle, (with the exception of the STILISTA, Chic, Smart capsule machine).

Make sure that your machine is preheated. If all the lights illuminate in blue (green lights on older models), you can start to prepare your coffee.

Make sure that the water tank has been correctly inserted. When inserting the water tank, there may still be some residual water at the connection or in the pipe, which will be pushed out as soon as the water tank is inserted.

Martello Café machines are designed for a very long useful life. In the unlikely event that something should go wrong, please take note of the warranty period in the enclosed instruction manual, which supplements legally binding information but does not replace it.

Only the Martello capsules function in Martello machines. Of course, the type of coffee does not make a difference with regard to the type of device.

Yes, with the machines that are currently available, the number of cups can be programmed very easily.

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